Peugeot, manufacturer of APPeBike bicycles

As world class actor in mobility, the Peugeot Group, through Peugeot Cycles, manufactures APP.eBike electric bicycles.

Since 1898, Peugeot Cycles has designed and developed its bicycles on the basis of unique know-how. With a particular attention to aesthetics, safety and technological innovation, the brand is looking for new ecological mobility solutions. Since its beginnings, the Peugeot brand has been able to draw on more than a century of experience, thanks to an ever-renewed demand for the design of bicycles.

From the choice of materials combining efficiency and safety, to the design of innovative frames or the selection of the best equipment, nothing is left to chance. Proud of its origins, the Peugeot Cycles brand capitalizes on 130 years of experience to offer innovative new mobility solutions. Peugeot offers a varied and complete range of electric city bicycles and mountain bikes


The APP.eBike

Made by Peugeot with Bosch engine, the high-end electric bicycles offered by APP. eBike combine comfort and performance, making them the fastest and most greenest way to travel on short distances as well as long distances.

Discover the APP.eBike electric bicycle


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