Ajaccio by electric bike, along the turquoise waters!

Between historical heritage, natural resources, and diving into translucent waters, this electric bicycle experience allows you to have a complete vision of all the splendours that the Gulf of Ajaccio has to offer…

200 metres from the Ajaccio cruise port, our team offers you top-of-the-range electric bicycles equipped with Bosch engines and delivers a complete circuit that will allow you to explore in less than 4 hours Ajaccio, its Napoleonic sites, its Sanguinaires Islands and the wild bay of Capo di Feno before returning inland and the Col de St Antoine.

What you will discover in 3h30 :

The Bonaparte house in which Napoleon was born and spent his youth
Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral where Napoleon Bonaparte was baptized
The square of Casone, its monument and its cave where Napoleon played when he was a child
The old town of Genoa
The citadel of Ajaccio built in the 16th century
The Place Foch which was at the heart of the development project of the city of Ajaccio wanted by Napoleon
The producers’ market in the Ajaccio region
The Greek Chapel
Tino Rossi’s house (Little Santa Claus)
The Blood Islands
The Genoese Tower of the Parata
The preserved bay of Capo di Feno
The beaches of the Grand and Petit Capo
The pass of Saint Antoine


Discover the Bonaparte house, where Napoleon Bonaparte was born and raised, explore the old town and its pastel-coloured houses along the narrow streets, enter the cathedral where Napoleon was baptised, visit the Citadel built in the 16th century surrounded by St François beach, Place Foch and its market full of local flavours with food and craft products made in Corsica.

The experience then takes you to the Casone square where Napoleon Bonaparte played when he was a child. This square is dominated by the imposing monument of Napoleon I, preceded by two eagles and a huge inclined stele recalling all his victories.

Then leave downtown Ajaccio to reach the Bloody Islands via the cycle path that runs along the turquoise waters. Stop at the Greek Chapel before taking a dive on one of the wonderful beaches along the Route des Sanguinaires!

Classified as a protected natural site, the Sanguinaires archipelago includes 4 islands inhabited by a very diversified fauna and flora with many bird species such as the cormorant, the peregrine falcon, the Sardinian warbler and the seagull.

You can explore the Parata Tower built on the top of the Parata Peninsula in the 16th century by the Genoese. This one offers an amazing panoramic view of the archipelago of the Sanguinaires. From up there, you can even photograph dolphins if you are lucky!

After this short break, head for the ascent of Capo di Feno in the heart of the maquis to enjoy the sumptuous panorama over the Gulf of Ajaccio.

After passing the pass, head for Capo di Feno beach. Here Corsica takes on the appearance of a Caribbean. When one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica mixes with the translucent waters of the Mediterranean in the heart of a green and preserved bay, you think you’ve set foot in paradise.

After a dive into the crystal clear waters of the Grand and Petit Capo, you can return to Ajaccio city centre via the interior and the St Antoine Pass!

Departure: Downtown Ajaccio

Duration: Between 3h30 and 4h

Price: 35€/persons