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How APP.eBike came to be…

When we left early in the morning, when we left on the roads, by bicycle…there was Fernand and Firmin…”
But there was not yet APPebike.

We all hummed this song that evokes love, nature, freedom, by bicycle, and it is not by chance.
“Move Happy” was borned a little bit of all this, because, It is this freedom that we come to seek on holiday: this time must be that of the soul freedom, and no longer that of the constraint and stress of our dailies.

And because there is no better friend than bikes for humans, the idea came to me to go further, to increase the pleasure, the happiness and good air, “to not make anymore my feet touch the ground in front of Paulette”…

For that, it was necessary to create a new model to live this escape, modern and innovative at the same time, so that travelers from all over the world will want to see further, longer, with friends or alone, and also intelligently.

A virtuous network that would bring together those who dream of autonomy,
freedom and authentic experiences, and those concerned with their welcome and well-being.

A tourist visit reinvented in a way, where the electrified travelers are bees that pollinate, pollinate by bicycle…

Sébastien Rognoni, APP.eBike CEO & Founder

Our mission : to pollinate minds by making journeys practical and stimulating

la mission d'APP.eBike est de polloniser les esprits en rendant les déplacements pratiques et stimulants

If APP.eBike is pronounced API BIKE, it is to make a tribute to bees, an essential insect in our ecosystem, because “Api” means “bees” in Corsica.

We create our e-bike sharing networks by doing partnerships

with hotels close to the main points of interest. It is here that we install our beehives, where our electric bees are parked and secured.

At a time of global warming, the e-bike sharing networks we create enable to reduce CO2 emissions and save public space in our cities.

Thanks to our premium quality e-bikes with a 74 mile battery life, and the routes contained in our playful and intuitive application, you no longer need to use polluting means of transport to make your discoveries. Travellers bring back positive and stimulating experiences from their journeys : they respect the environment, travel at a human rhythm whatever their physical condition, they meet and share experiences with local people.

When the time comes to change our fleet, we refurbish and resell our e-bikes at competitive prices via ebike-market.com, the 1st online platform of refurbished e-bikes.

The little bee wants to pollinate the spirits by making the journeys practical and stimulating.

The Beginning of pollination

APP.eBike élue parmi les 3 startups les plus innovantes dans le tourisme au salon international du tourisme de Paris IFTM

What could be better than an island with preserved nature and steep relief to test our electric bees?

We started our pollination in June 2017 by deploying our 1st e-bike sharing network throughout Corsica with 150 electric bicycles based in 25 hotels and tourist offices partners.

3 months later, thousands of Happy users, and already a consecration… APP. eBike is elected among the 3 most innovative startups at the International French Tourism Market of Paris !

The Happy Team

Originally made up of a technical operator and a marketing manager, the Happy Team was strengthened with the arrival of new developers and designers. Together we develop technological solutions to create the most secure, attractive and sustainable new mobility networks.

The whole point of this innovative eco-mobility model imagined in Corsica is to be perfectly transferable to other territories !

‘A bicycle means simplicity, and simplicity means happiness’

Move Happy !


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