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The Corsican coast by Electric bike

8 Days

Bastia – Ersa – Saint Florent – Algajola – Villages de Balagne – Galeria – Porto – Cargèse – Ajaccio

An 8-day bike trip on top-of-the-range electric bicycles ! Following the west coast of Corsica from Bastia to Ajaccio, this 8-stage tour perfectly combines the pleasure of effortless cycling with the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying your holidays!

Rate for 2 people : 250€/person

Decreasing rates for groups of more than 2 persons

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Day 1 : Bastia – Ersa

Distance : 48 Km

The Cap Corse offers an amazing coastal road which allows you to go around it. The road carved as a cornice runs along the shoreline, along pretty little seascapes.  

1st stage of the GT20

Day 2 : Ersa – St Florent

Distance : 60 Km

On the western slope of the Cap Corse, the steep coast dominates the shoreline in a spectacular way, overhung by the Genoese towers and on the crests, windmills. Its higher reliefs offer superb panoramas of the Cap and the bay of Saint-Florent.

Stage 2 of the GT20

Day 3 : St Florent – Algajola

Distance : 53 Km

The stage begins with the crossing of the Agriates desert, burning piles of rocks and scrub. We return to the Giussani, a beautiful green enclave integrated into the regional park. Finally, the promontory villages of the Haute Balagne region offer breathtaking panoramic views of the bays of Calvi and Ile Rousse.

Stage 3 of the GT20

Day 4 : Algajola –  Villages of Balagne

Distance : 50 Km

By an itinerary composed by secondary roads, you will discover the wonderful villages of Balagne. Many craftsmen are to be discovered in each of these villages.

Stage 4 of the GT20

Day 5 : Villages of Balagne – Galéria

Distance : 45 Km

Crossing the Marsylino pass with a beautiful view of the Calvi region, Galeria is isolated by the sea, at the mouth of the Fango valley, this village is a haven of peace in the midst of the summer clamour.

Day 6 : Galeria – Porto

Distance : 55 Km

The road leads us to the rich western coast of Corsica. At the Palmarella pass, one of the most beautiful panoramas of the trip awaits us: the Gulf of Girolata and the Scandola nature reserve, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fauna and flora of this entire region are exceptional.

Day 7 : Porto – Cargèse

Distance : 50 Km

Crossing the Calanques de Piana (Unesco world heritage site) : a small pink cornice road makes its way through a narrow path in the midst of jagged rock piles: breathtaking ! Then continue towards Cargese and its two churches : the Greek and the Latin face each other above the sea.

Day 8 : Cargèse – Ajaccio

Distance : 47 Km

You will follow the coast to the Imperial City. A last small effort to climb to the Col San Bastianu to admire the beautiful gulf of Sagone.

Your trip ends at your arrival in Ajaccio.

L’itinéraire complet

Rate : 250€/person for 2 people

Decreasing rates for groups of more than 2 people

What’s included :

  • Rental of Electric bike Peugeot ET01 – Bosch Active Line Engine
  • Chargors
  • Helmets
  • Anti-puncture bumb
  • Roadbook
  • Assistance 7D/7

What’s not included : 

  • Hotels
  • Meals
  • Pair of bike bags


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Your Electric bike

A top-of-the-range electric bicycle combining comfort, power and endurance with a Bosch Active Line Plus engine coupled to a 500Wh battery from the German manufacturer.  Ride serenely over long distances in the strong relief thanks to the 120Km range :


  • Electric bike made by Peugeot
  • Bosch Active Line Engine with 500Wh battery
  • 120 km battery-life


“We discovered a new way of travel”

Cheap, green and social, the electric bike allows to realize in Corsica routes impossible with a classic bicycle. For the first time in their lives, Stéphane and his girlfriend have chosen to forget the car and use the electric bicycle for all their trips in Corsica. After 9 Days and 500 Km travelled, beyond “having lived magical moments” Stéphane confides “having discovered places he would never have discovered by car”.

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