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The Golden Loop : Treasures of Unesco via the GT20

 6 Days

 Ajaccio – Zicavo – Ghisoni – Corte – Porto – Cargèse – Ajaccio

A 6-day itinerary on top-of-the-range electric bikes ! A journey between sea and snowy summits ! Starting from Ajaccio you will join the GT20, its inland villages, forgotten roads and mountain lakes before discovering Corte, the historical capital of Corsica. You return to the Mediterranean coast via the highest road pass in Corsica before going down to the gulf of Porto and the creeks of Piana listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Rate : 145€/person

Day 1 : Ajaccio – Zicavo

Distance : 55 Km

From the AppeBike store located 2 boulevard Charles Bonaparte, take your e-bike and take off the Ajaccien coastline crowd to gain Corsican mountains by reaching Zicavo, a GT20 stage village.

GT20 stage point with Bosch eBike recharge point located at Hôtel du Tourisme de Zicavo

Day 2 : Zicavo – Ghisoni

Distance : 39 Km

This wonderful mountain stage through the chestnut trees will take you over the famous Verde Pass (1289 m) before reaching the village of Ghisoni surrounded by the two mountains Kyrie and Christe.

GT20 stage point with Bosch eBike recharge point located at Hôtel Kyrie de Ghisoni

Day 3 : Ghisoni – Corte

Distance : 42 Km

Head for the historic capital of Corsica via Venaco. The peaceful sounds and the views of the magnificent Vecchio River will bring you back to the basics. Nature and tranquility for this magnificent stopover in the heart of Corsica.

GT20 stage point with Bosch eBike recharge point located at Hôtel E Caselle de Venaco

Day 4 : Corte – Porto

Distance :  65 Km

The gorgeous Santa Regina parade today will be the not-to-be-missed part of your stopover. You will then cross the Verghju pass, the highest point of the GT20 at 1,478m before descending to the Gulf of Porto through the Aitone forest. 

GT20 stage point with Bosch eBike recharge point located at Hôtel Castel di Verghju – Verghju Pass

Day 5 : Porto – Cargèse

Distance : 32 Km

Crossing the Calanques de Piana (Unesco world heritage site) : a small pink cornice road makes its way through a narrow path in the midst of jagged rock piles : breathtaking ! Then it’s off to Cargese and its two churches : the Greek and the Latin face each other over the sea.

GT20 Bosch eBike recharge point located at Hôtel Capo d’Orto de Porto

Day 6 : Cargèse – Ajaccio

Distance : 47 Km

You follow the coast to the Imperial City. A last small effort to climb to the Col San Bastianu to admire the beautiful gulf of Sagone.

Your itinerary ends at your arrival in Ajaccio.

The complete Itinerary

Rate : 145€/person

What’s included :

  • Rental of Electric bike Peugeot ET01 – Bosch Active Line Engine
  • Chargors
  • Helmets
  • Anti-puncture bumb
  • Roadbook
  • Assistance 7D/7

What’s not included : 

  • Hotels
  • Meals
  • Pair of bike bags

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